Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Elf Yourself!

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Our Dollywood Extravaganza!

Had to include a couple pics from memory lane..These were taken last November..She was a little over 4 months old..Time flies!

She used to be such a great traveler!
"It looks like Kmart exploded on that tree" ~Pappy York(I had to share this quote - John reminded me not to forget :))
She really is enjoying herself..Just hates being in the stroller, but had to because we didn't have both of her shoes....See story below....

Chloe with Pappy, Grammy, Auntie Heidi, & Uncle Trevor
Our Family (don't know what Chloe is doing..Maybe singing a Christmas Carol!)
On the merry-go-round!

Mommy and Daddy

Chloe's first ride at Dollywood
Chloe and Pappy having fun!

I think Pappy thought it was a roller coaster!

Chloe thought it was great!
We had our annual trip to Dollywood to see the Christmas lights..We had a great time once we got there...The trip down there left a lot to be desired (Chloe screamed the whole way! I thought John was going to kill her, She really knows how to push our buttons!..Oh, what family fun!).. Chloe had to spend the night in the stroller, because we lost one of her shoes..We get to the tram and realize she has no shoes, so John goes back to get the shoes ( while the man driving waited..they were so kind!), we thought were in the van...They weren't there! We found one in the stroller, but the other one has still not shown up, after multiple calls to the Dollywood lost and found..They probably wish I would stop calling...I loved those shoes..Oh well, I always wondered how people could lose one shoe when I would see on just laying there, but now I know...Just another story for the books...Unfortunately, she couldn't get out and walk around..I need to start packing an extra pair of shoes..Lesson learned....Enjoy the pics!

The Simple Woman's Daybook

I am once again posting on Tuesday....

Outside My Window...is a beautiful, sunny day!

I am thinking...about packing for our trip to Pa! Also thinking about John and he has many things to accomplish before our trip.

I am thankful for...God's faithfulness to our family..Also His provision for our needs throughout this year!

From the learning rooms..We had a Dr. Tom Wallace to our church for the services this past Sunday and he spoke about stewardship..God's Word emphasizes our responsibility to give to our local church..John and I very much want to be good steward's of what the Lord has blessed us with and also to be a channel through which God can work! We also want to teach Chloe that the Lord is the owner of all that we are given.

From the kitchen...not a lot of action..We are trying to empty the fridge before leaving town, so we will be feasting on leftovers tonight!

I am wearing...comfy clothes..For once not my pajamas!

I am going...to start packing for the trip and organizing everything that needs to go with us.

I am reading...my new Better Homes and Gardens.

I am hoping...Chloe travels well on the trip..Pray with us about that!

I am hearing..Nothing! Chloe is napping!

Around the house...everything is finally in its place from the weekend..I like to have a clean house, so that when we get home everything is neat.

One of my favorite things...family time! Sunday evening we just cozied up on the couch and played with Chloe.

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week: Packing up and traveling to Pa to see family.

Hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your families!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Simple Woman's Daybook

Outside My Window...are beautiful, sunny skies..It is much warmer today!

I am thankful for...a day to be at home and get all my housework finished.

From the learning rooms...we (by that I mean Chloe) are learning to obey right away!

From the kitchen...loaded baked potato soup - one of my favorite winter meals.

I am wearing...as always, my pjs.

I am creating...more room in Chloe's bedroom..finally getting her clothes packed up to make room for those she has that still fit and also to make room for the new ones she will receive!

I am going...to spend quality time with my Hubby tonight! Yeah! Chloe is already in bed!

I am reading...haven't had much time for personal reading, but I have been reading to Chloe..She loves to bring us a book and plop down on our laps, actually she just backs up and sits down, it's sooo cute!..We have been concentrating on "Good Night Moon" and her Strawberry Shortcake book..I am glad that she loves books.

I am hoping...that Chloe becomes a better traveling companion very very soon..We are about to embark on that time of year when we spend mucho time in the car!

I am hearing...the television...Too bad there is never anything good to watch.

Around the house...the house is finally clean! After an all-day marathon of cleaning and laundry.

One of my favorite things...Watching Chloe with her first lollipop from the bank... you would have thought I gave her the greatest thing..She only licked it like 3 times..It was more fun to touch and get on her clothes and everything around her.

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week: Errands tomorrow, Wednesday is Baby Bookworms at the Library and Church, Thursday is playgroup and a playdate at the Benders', Friday rest!, Saturday, work for me, visitation for John & Chloe.
Have a great Week!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Some Recent Happenings

Daddy and Chloe
Me Working Hard ( Not Really)

Me Smiling For Daddy and Chloe
Some Harvest Pictures

Play Group - Tackling the Tunnel!

Chloe and Her Friend Esther Shaking The MoroccosShake It Chloe!
This is just a hodge-podge of pictures that I have from the past week or so..Hope you all have a great day!

Happy Veteran's Day!!

Today we honor all those that have so valiantly served our country through the armed services...Chloe is blessed with an heritage that includes many of these faithful men and we are so very thankful..It is so important to teach our children to give honor and respect to those that have bravely fought for our freedom that we freely take for granted..Thank you Pappy, Pop, Granddad, Chloe's other Great Grandfather ( my Pappy :) ), who is now with the Lord, and many others who were and are ready to sacrifice their lives for ours and many other Americans..We love you! May John and I do our very best to instill patriotism in our children! And as always, we must think of the One who made the greatest sacrifice for us..Our Heavenly Father who sent His only Son, Jesus Christ who was willing to die for my sin and yours also...We have a wonderful Savior!

The Simple Woman's Daybook!

It seems as if I never have the time to do this on Mondays...So I will do it today...
Outside My Window...are very cloudy skies..It almost looks like it could snow!

I am thinking...about the carpets..A friend of John's is coming to clean them today and I am praising the Lord because they sure do need a good cleaning!

I am thankful for...healthy family, both immediate and extended..The Lord has blessed John, Chloe, and I with good health this fall and we are very grateful..Chloe also had a wonderful 15-month check-up and did very well with the shots she received and we had prayed much over them.

From the learning rooms...I am not sure what exactly she wants us to put here, but I have been learning so much about having faith lately, the Lord has used our Pastor's messages and our Sunday school lessons to speak to my heart...This is a time for Christians to really express their faith in the Lord by looking unto Jesus and not to our circumstances and especially not to our government...The Lord has been so good to John and I as we stepped out in faith to start this business...He has met our needs each step of the way and we praise Him for it!

From the kitchen...There is stuff EVERYWHERE! I had to get as many things off the carpets as possible..So our belongings have accumulated there..Later I will have to meander through there to make lunch for Chloe
I am wearing...comfy pajamas ( I do wear clothes, but it always seems I am in my pj's when it is time to blog)...Haven't gotten dressed yet, but I have showered! Still enjoying my morning coffee (yummy!)

I am going...no where today! I love days like this, they don't happen very often.

I am reading...a devotional Bible that has you reading through the entire Word of God in 1 year..I am a little behind so I need to catch up on that while Chloe is asleep.

I am hoping...that John has a profitable day, as he is finishing a job today and also that my parents would have safe travels as they head this way..Also for Trevor to heal quickly from his head injury.

I am hearing...Peace and Quiet!..My little one is asleep..Yeah! Love her dearly, but need a small break.

Around the house...Disorder!..Thankful that we have what we need...Thinking about what needs to go :)

One of my favorite things...getting Chloe from her crib in the morning and after naps! She is always in a great mood..If I am able to get to her in what she thinks is a suitable amount of time..She always has out-stretched arms, ready to be hugged and loved on..She usually then calls for her Da-Da and I then explain he is at work and we move on with the day.

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week:My parents are coming on Wednesday evening, Chloe has play group on Thursday, I am working on Friday, and we are going to Dollywood on Saturday...Lots of fun..Hope you all have a great week!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Friend Day At Harvest Baptist Church

Getting Some Rest On The Way To Church
Time Change Sunday

They Had a Karate Demonstration For The Kids

John Preaching To The Children

With Daddy At The Cracker Barrel

With Honey

We had a wonderful weekend with the Harvest Baptist Church in Acworth, Georgia! Our family and the Newloves left Friday night and had an enjoyable ride (after Chloe went to sleep - she loathes her carseat). We stayed with Jared's parents, who took great care of us while we were there. Saturday we spent the day knocking doors and we went to Jared's sister Tanya's house for dinner, which was delicious! Sunday, some of us got an extra hour of sleep...Chloe opted not to take it , she thought it would be fun to get up at 2:30am, which was really 1:30, and then we were up many times after that..It is so hard on their little bodies and just gets them all out of whack..Anyway, all that to say, I was very tired on Sunday..Thank the Lord for coffee! We had a wonderful day! Many were saved and they had many visit the church for the first time..I had the opportunity to lead a little girl named Natalia to the Lord...Please pray that she will grow spiritually and be faithful to the church services. Pastor Reed preached a wonderful sermon on Sunday night about taking risks for God..We all need to hear that as it is so easy to get comfortable where you are, without continuing to advance for the Lord...We headed back on Monday after breakfast with John's mom at the Cracker Barrel..Thank you Honey, it was delicious..We had a wonderful trip home and praise the Lord for all of his traveling mercies to us (once again Chloe slept the whole way!). I got everything unloaded and put away while John went to work...Chloe retired to her crib about 6:50! I couldn't believe it, but it was very nice...Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

Monday, November 3, 2008

The Simple Woman's Daybook

Outside My Window...was highway for a lot of the day..We traveled this weekend to be at Harvest Baptist Church in Acworth, Georgia..They had Friend Day on Sunday and John had the opportunity to preach to the children who came on the buses...What a blessing! We had about 578 total on the campus..The Lord did great things and we had many saved!

I am thinking...about all the unpacking I have to do...John had to go and prepare a job he starts tomorrow..So I am going to start the laundry..Also thinking about how wonderful it will be to sleep in my own bed tonight, but so grateful to the Newlove family for their wonderful hospitality!

I am thankful for...Home and my bed! (Chloe echoes this praise) I love to travel, but I love to come home..Also thankful for all of the wonderful Christian friendships the Lord has allowed us to make and the opportunity to see old friends.

From the kitchen...Not much activity, but is clean...We are doing left overs for supper...Yeah!

I am wearing...my pajamas. (So is Chloe:))

I am creating...this new post..Too tired to think about anything else.

I am going...to relax and do a little web surfing for my sister-in-law's registry for her sweet baby girl when Chloe goes to bed and also fix my husband some dinner when he gets home.

I am reading...my new Better Homes and Gardens and my new cooking magazine.

I am hoping...that Chloe gets a good night's rest and that my husband can vote tomorrow without much trouble. Also praying Chloe's doctor appointment goes well.

I am hearing...QVC..They are featuring Vera Bradley stuff and I am half listening/half watching.

Around the house...everything is finally getting in its place from the trip and my laundry is all in one place.

One of my favorite things...is a little time to my self in the evening to just unwind with my husband and have a little alone time.

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week: Chloe has her 15-month appointment tomorrow and I have several car appointments to get the car in shape for all of our holiday travel (Yeah!)...We have story time on Wednesday and play group on Thursday...Friday, we will probably just rest.