Monday, January 19, 2009


Ready To Go!
Suiting up or should I say Re-suiting up, we didn't want to wear the gear

What a fun morning we have had here in Tennessee....When we first got up it was kind of just flurrying here and there, but then it really started to pick up, so of course like any other Tennesseeans who hardly ever get the chance to see snow, Chloe and I suited up (mostly her) and went out to play...She had a blast and even got to see her favorite dog Benji! Enjoy the pictures!
The Snow Video:

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Happy New Year!

They were cooking up a storm!

We had some friends from the church over for the three F's: Food, Fellowship, and of course, Football...Not to mention lots of FUN! Their little boy, Logan and Chloe had a blast playing! I also included some pics of Chloe in her new dress..She looked like a doll last Sunday!

Our Wonderful Christmas Vacation!

These first two pics are out of order...I accidentally erased them when adding the text...Anyway, I couldn't put them where they need to go, but wanted to post them.
A picture of the girls in NC

Getting ready to go to church in Pa!

Christmas Part I in Fayetteville,NC

We went to an interactive museum with the cousins and had a blast!

Watching the balls go round and round and round and round

The highlight! - She loves playing store!

As you can see, she spent alot of time here!

Playing a duet with Auntie Carla

And then one with Honey

She and her cousin "Alwee"

They were quite inseparable at times :)

Christmas Breakfast was Yummy! (Notice our matching PJs - it has become the tradition!)

Christmas Morning Festivities!
The Tree!

Cousin Jake - He is quite the avid hunter!

Opening her stocking

Opening another gift

Pop got a great t-shirt!

Christmas Dinner

And Then.......Christmas Naptime!

One of our many Cousin Breakfasts!

My Hubby and I
Our Family Pic - Look at that BEAUTIFUL smile!

Honey and Pop - Probably relieved we were getting ready to go (Just Kidding!)
The Reads

Now For Christmas Part II - Fast forward to Entriken, Pa
We didn't get as many pics there...will have pics to follow of Chloe in her new blue velvet dress...I am very excited about her wearing it on Sunday!

We had a delicious meal awaiting our arrival - Thank you Grammy and Pappy!

Playing with her babies

Kicking back and having fun with Daddy

Mommy and Chloe

Having Breakfast with Grammy and Pappy (Mom and Dad are sleeping!)

Getting ready to go - We had a great time!

We had a wonderful time visiting family during the Christmas season! Thank you to Honey and Pop and Grammy and Pappy for all of the wonderful food and hospitality...We are going back to grilled chicken salads and water (after the leftovers are eaten :) ) to lose the holiday weight! We are so thankful for wonderful Godly grandparents for our dear, sweet Chloe! Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! Have a blessed 2009!
Chloe and Allie
Playing with Jake