Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Creation Museum

A really great picture of our group!
Chloe and Daddy playing around...I was getting coffees!

Laughing!...She really had a great time!
Here we are with the snakes!
Chloe and Caleb playing!
Daddy and Chloe
John and his girls!

Daddy holding the snake..Chloe looking on in disgust...Thank you Lord!
He wanted her to touch it so badly!
The petting zoo...The highlight of the day!
Mr. Sheep needed a serious haircut!
Feeding the animals

I loved the Camel!

Up close and personal!
Mr. Peacock!

Mr. Turkey!

A family pic in the gardens!
On the swinging bridge!
They had beautiful tulip gardens!

They had a great ark replica!

Tried to get a family picture!
She really had a blast!
Hanging with "Halwee"...That's Haley for those who need a translator!

Chloe totally ignoring me!
Looking at the fish with Daddy!

Caleb and Chloe munching on crackers

We had the opportunity to visit the Creation Museum in Kentucky on this past Saturday with our youth group...We had a wonderful time and recommend a visit to all families we know..They really make it interactive..Even Chloe had a great time! God really blessed and gave us a beautiful day and lots of wonderful Christian fellowship!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Sunday

Pastor and Chloe...They used to just be friends from far away, but lately she is all about him!

Eating her beloved Smarties...I don't know what I was thinking letting her have those at 7:45pm!

Hanging out waiting for Daddy

Some more pics!

Showing her Smarties!

Sitting Pretty!

Saying "Cheese"

Hanging out at Cracker Barrell....They really need to hire my Dad to take care of the plants around here! :)

Checking out the posies with Mommy

Running Around

Waiting patiently..I was starving!

Chloe loves the rockers!

Jessie and Chloe...Two peas in a pod!

Poppy, Jace, and Caleb

Poppy, Nana, Jace, Caleb, and Abby

Our Family - Easter 2009

The Frey Family looking great!

Pastor and Mrs Ward with their granddaughters, Audrey and Ava

Chloe playing on Friday in an outfit my mom had originally made for Auntie Heidi...Chloe loves to dress up!

We had a great day celebrating the death, burial, and resurrection of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ yesterday....I was able to get some really great pics and also snapped a few at the Cracker Barrel while we were waiting to be seated....The weather was beautiful!...We spent the day at the church so Cracker Barrel made our Easter dinner this year...I did buy a roast, but will probably make it later in the week....Also took some videos when Auntie Heidi brought over Chloe's Easter basket. Hope you all had a great day!