Monday, December 22, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Things have been very, very busy...So I am just doing one great big entry on our December. Hope you all have a very, merry Christmas!
~Our Staff Christmas Party at Heritage Baptist Church~
Chloe's new favorite thing...being swung in the air!

A picture with our Pastor and his dear wife

Mike and Autumn Frey

Pastor and Mrs. Ward

At the open house at Crown College...I can't believe she is smiling!
Our Christmas Tree..Thank you for our bow Jenny!
~Chloe's play group Christmas Party~
Singing A Christmas Song

Climbing On The Stairs

Hanging Out

She and Her Friend Bethany

Making Crafts With Auntie Heidi

Snapped Some Pics while we were eating our breakfast

More Crafts!

A Family Picture!

Auntie Heidi and Uncle Trevor Got Her Crayons For The Tub - A BIG hit!

She also got a play kitchen from Mommy and Daddy.....Uncle Trevor and Auntie Heidi helped too! - They also helped to put it together:)

We Went To The Dixie Stampede With Our Church!

Heidi and Trevor were able to come along! We didn't take Chloe (Thank you, Auntie Krysten and Uncle Jared!)

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Thanksgiving Pics!

Chloe Playing in the Snow in Pa!

Chloe Hanging With Grammy and Pappy at the Mall on Black Friday!

Daddy and Chloe riding the Christmas Train!

Chloe Showing her belly after eating Turkey!
A Picture With The Snow Globe! - All Chloe kept saying was "ball".
A Family Picture - Will Chloe ever start looking at the Camera? (Ahhh!)

Just the Girls!

Pappy actually got her to look and smile (somewhat)!

Modeling Pose!

In My Childhood Rocking Chair!

Feeding my Cabbage Patch Doll (her name was Aggie!)
We had a wonderful Thanksgiving in Pennsylvania with my parents..We got in about 3:30am Thursday and Chloe, after sleeping about 6 hours, was ready for the day...We, on the other hand were not, so she stayed up to play with Grammy and Pappy while John and I got in the bed..My mom got out alot of our toys we played with growing up and Chloe loved it! It brought back alot of wonderful Christmas memories of special toys that I had asked for. Thanksgiving day we ate and relaxed. A very nice change from what we have been used to in these past weeks...My Mom, as usual, made a delicious dinner! John and I ventured out on Black Friday for a date (Grammy & Pappy offered to babysit - Yeah!..We really didn't have to twist their arm :))...We found great deals on many gifts we needed to buy and also found Chloe a beautiful red coat (One of the main reasons for going - It is going to be a cold winter in Tennessee compared to last year.)..We headed back to Tennessee on Saturday...All in all, it was a good trip! Thank you Pappy & Grammy for the yummy food and the wonderful hospitality! John and I are well rested thanks to you!

Some videos my Dad took during the Trip...Enjoy!

Chloe loves Cheese dip and tortilla chips!

John and Chloe riding the Christmas Train!