Thursday, June 25, 2009

Bible Conference 2009

Some of our visitors...Jinger and Jill Duggar and Erin and Tory Bates...And of course Chloe...She loved those girls!

Erin and Chloe...Erin is an amazing pianist..What a blessing!

Erin teaching Chloe

The men't trio singing during the service

The choir practicing

We also had Aledia and Logan visiting from Arkanasas

Chloe hamming it up for the camera

With "Halwee" (aka Haley)

Brother Jeff waiting for the service to start

Logan also hamming it up!

Chloe and Keith.....He is their favorite nursery worker!

Some more shots of choir practice

The Lord truly blessed the 2009 6th Anniversary Bible Conference at the Heritage Baptist Church in Lafollette, TN...Dr. Tom Wallace and Dr. Frank Gagliano came to be with us and had outstanding messages from God's Word each night of the services...I have many pictures to share and also some some very sweet messages for our dear Pastor who is still at home recovering and could not be with us for the conference...We love you so very much, Pastor and are praying fervently for a full and speedy recovery...We hope these messages are a blessing to you and your family..Mrs. Ward, we are also praying for strength and grace for you as you care for your husband...We love you both very much! Thank you to the Wallace family and also to the Gagliano family for coming..The Lord used your messages in a mighty way in my own heart and life...The Lord used you both to encourage our church in a great way.

Special Videos from friends and church family:

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Jake's Graduation and Our Cousins Come to Knoxville!

Pop and four of his grandkids!
Jake receiving his diploma from his Pastor.

Allie was part of the program and did a great job singing!
Jake singing with his class
He was Joseph in one of the skits.
With Auntie Carla and MarkGreat pic if she hadn't put up her hand :(
With those crazy cousins!

Chloe and I had a great trip to Georgia for Jake's Kindergarten Graduation! The weather was beautiful and Chloe slept most of the way...I did have to hold her hand until about Chatanooga..Some may think I am a pushover, but the whining just grates on my nerves and I didn't mind that I almost dislocated my shoulder in the process because I had sweet peace and quiet....Anyway, the graduation was such a blessing! I could not wait to get home and tell John all about it...Growing up in a public school, this is all very foreign to me and I was just praising the Lord for the opportunity that Chloe will have to attend a good Christian school because John and I both have a deep conviction about Christian education..The things they had learned and memorized were amazing...I could go on and on and I am not saying that I did not get a great education in the public school that I attended, but that was a while back ( not going to say how long, but long enough :) ) and the Lord very much protected me during that time and they were not teaching and propagating what they are now...I am just thankful for all that Chloe will glean from attending a Christian School. We also got to see our favorite Pop as he came for the big night too! Auntie Carla, Uncle Trevor, Mark, Jake, Allie also got to come to our house for a few days last week..We loved having them here and hope they had a great time..Got a few pics, but my camera was on a weird setting so they look kind of funny! Hope you all have a great week!

May Happenings

The Bounce House!

Wrestling With Daddy...Her favorite Pasttime!

Blowing Bubbles with Grammy!
Waking up Uncle trevor
Auntie Heidi, Uncle Trevor, and Baby Tyler
Just the Girls!
Chloe with Grammy and PappyMe with two of my greatest tresures in all the world!
A Family Pic!
Cooking dinner and reading cards
The Haircut
Sitting so very still!

May definitely got away from us this year...We have a sweet baby that is with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and we are praying that the Lord will give us another child to rear here on earth for His honor and glory in His sweet timing....The Lord has been very gracious to us and Heaven has become much sweeter in these past days....I had a bittersweet Mother's Day this year, but the Lord was very good to me and blessed me with a wonderful day with my wonderful husband and sweet Chloe Abigail..We also had Pappy and Grammy visiting and got have lunch with them on Sunday at Auntie Heidi and Uncle Trevor's house....Also went to the Bounce House with the Dampf's' for Chloe's very first time and she LOVED it...Taking Daddy next time...I was the one hauling her up the huge slide each time! Chloe also had her first haircut this month by our sweet friend April Lindsay..She gave us the royal treatment by coming to the house and Chloe did great..You will notice I did bribe her with some Smarties, but who cares??..It worked and she sat still and her was cut evenly..Hope all my favorite Mommies and Mommies-To-Be had a wonderful Mother's Day too!