Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Other September Happenings!

Breakfast with Baby Ryan
Chloe loves to make him laugh!

At the dentist..Chilling watching Sid the Science Kid!


Chloe had her first official dentist visit...We really didn't do much more than sit in the chair..Still waiting for more teethe to come in..Here are a few pics...Also some of Chloe and baby Ryan..Shannon and I take turns watching the babies while we attend our Teens For Christ Bible Clubs..It has been such a blessing...Please pray for Northwest Middle School and our workers...Katelyn, Kevin, and Kyle....Too bad I don't have a "K" name too!

Ripley's Aquarium - Seeing the "Feeshies"

Always like to pull old pics from last year...She has grown so much!!!!

Now for the pics from this year...........

A family pic!..Chloe had to have her sunglasses!

Daddy and Chloe

Mommy and Chloe

I love this picture...There is a fish that blows air on the kids when you open the lid!

This is my favorite tank!

Waiting for the movie to come on
Playing some sort of water gun game

She loved this..The sensor makes the door go up!

Climbing the rocks!
She finally got in there by herself!
She saw everyone else getting their picture taken behind this!

Can you just hear her saying "Cheese"??

Loved loved loved the horshoe crabs!

The man made the horshoe crab wave to her!

Doing her famous "Happy Chloe"!

Watching the diver get ready to go in!
She loved turning all the knobs..A mom nearby had the hand sanitizer ready to go :)..forgot mine!

Getting ready to go in!..Here we come "Feeshies"!

We had a great family day at Ripley's Aquarium in the Smokey Mountains..Chloe really loved it this year and it has alot of interactive stuff for her age....She took a great nap afterwards and John and I enjoyed a drive through the Smokey Mountains..I am still trying to figure out where September has gone??

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Summer Trips!

Chloe loved the boat ride!
She loves her cousins...Next year Ella will be out there!

Love her!

With Great Granddaddy Kneece

Helping Uncle Mark with Ella

A family pic at the lakehouse

Chloe loves her Pop!

Playing with Daddy in the lake!
Hanging with Mark and Ella

Ella and Uncle John are catching up!
Too cute!
Notice Chloe in the background...She wasn't going to be left out!

Taking turns holding Ella..Aunt Becky supervising

Chloe loved her!
She loved her a little too much at some times!

A cousin breakfast!

The girls..Chloe loves her big cousin Allie!

Jake found lots of feathers at the lake!
The movie stars!

So glad we got to spend some time with Granddad!
Doing a "Happy Chloe"!

Hanging with Pop!

Out on the dock!

At the farm by my parents' house...She loved it!
At Delgrosso's Park with her new friend Gabrielle.
On the boats!

Her favorite ride!

On the Carousel..We had a blast!

She is so grown up!

The helicopter ride

I got to ride the "Dizzy Dinosaurs"!

On the porch eating breakfast
On the train ride with Pappy and Grammy!
Big Smiles!

Chloe and I had a great time visiting Honey and Pop and Grammy and Pappy this summer...My wonderful husband allowed us to go have fun while he was at home working, but we sure did miss him! Lots and lots of pictures to post..We are so thankful for the wonderful Christian Grandparents that Chloe has!...Can't believe the summer is gone, but we are looking forward to fall in Tennessee!